western pearlshell mussels in water
This study is on freshwater mussel ecology in Oregon's coastal watersheds. It analyzes stream survey data, co-varying habitat characteristics, and summarizes mussel distribution and host fish co-occurrence.
A photo of oyster grower rafts and the title Guide to Oregon Aquaculture.
The Guide is intended to increase awareness and understanding of aquaculture in Oregon and serve as a resource for emerging growers in the state.
Brittany King
This study used a mental model approach to explore the potential value of racial/ethnic and gender diversity in marine and fisheries science professions from a cognitive deep-level diversity perspective.
This study describes the distribution of C. shasta relative to chum salmon habitat in the Columbia River Basin and assess it potential to cause mortality to juvenile chum salmon.
A dover sole swims along the sand ocean floor. It has a flat body and both eyes sit on short stalks on one side of its body.
Researchers examine the growth rate of juvenile English sole under 15 combinations of temperature and dissolved oxygen levels.
Oregon Sea Grant funded the creation of the website, which is an outreach component of a study it funded on how groundfish bottom trawling may impact areas of Oregon’s seafloor previously closed to fishing.