This research applies fisheries' connectivity network analysis to characterize the harvest portfolios and timing of landings of dozens of small-scale fisheries in the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico.
coiled ropes on a dock
This oral history video explores fishing community resilience and maintaining ties within and between communities as the world changes.
side of a boat with ropes and bouy
This oral history video features voices from Oregon's fishing communities on maintaining a sense of optimism in uncertain times.
ropes tided to an bar
This oral history video highlights the role of women in Oregon's commercial fishing industry. Often a family enterprise, women fill crucial roles to help the family business flourish.
Colorful fishing boats docked in Newport, Oregon on a sunny day.
This report documents survey results complied to help understand the impacts of COVID-19 on seafood harvesters, processors, retailers and integrated businesses.
Aerial view of Cape Falcon on the Oregon coast
Researchers highlight a policy framework to develop terrestrial and ocean-integrated policies that can complement and enhance terrestrial focused initiatives focused on four specific sectors.