Underwater view of chinook salmon swiming over a rocky river bed.
This career webinar is for students grades 6-12 and features who manages the Oregon Hatchery Research Center in Alsea.
Fishing net full of groundfish empties onto a boat.
This thesis analyzed changes in spatiotemporal dynamics of Oregon's nearshore non-whiting groundfish trawl fishery and assessed gaps in each data source over the past four decades.
Photo of bridge in Coos Bay, Oregon.
This thesis looks at how work in the seafood processing industry in Coos County, Oregon creates a sense of place.
Oregon Sea Grant logo
This research applies fisheries' connectivity network analysis to characterize the harvest portfolios and timing of landings of dozens of small-scale fisheries in the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico.
coiled ropes on a dock
This oral history video explores fishing community resilience and maintaining ties within and between communities as the world changes.
side of a boat with ropes and bouy
This oral history video features voices from Oregon's fishing communities on maintaining a sense of optimism in uncertain times.