ropes tided to an bar
This oral history video highlights the role of women in Oregon's commercial fishing industry. Often a family enterprise, women fill crucial roles to help the family business flourish.
Colorful fishing boats docked in Newport, Oregon on a sunny day.
This report documents survey results complied to help understand the impacts of COVID-19 on seafood harvesters, processors, retailers and integrated businesses.
Aerial view of Cape Falcon on the Oregon coast
Researchers highlight a policy framework to develop terrestrial and ocean-integrated policies that can complement and enhance terrestrial focused initiatives focused on four specific sectors.
Fishing net full of groundfish empties onto a boat.
This report looks at a subgroup within Oregon’s groundfish trawl fleet known as the nearshore fleet. It describes how the fleet changed its fishing nets and practices to comply with regulations aimed at bolstering struggling groundfish populations.
Sign on a dock advertising fresh live crab for sale.
The Sea Grant Extension Assembly hosted a webinar about marketing seafood directly.
OSG Marine fisheries specialist talk about their work supporting the state's seafood industry during COVID-19.