what's fresh and when flyer for the Oregon central and north coast
This is an easy reference guide on what seafood is fresh and when it will be available on the north and central coast of Oregon for 2019.
hand holding hundreds of small Pacific oyster larvae
This project evaluates the use of a habitat model, developed using geospatial raster layers of salinity, substrate, and elevation, in Yaquina Bay, Oregon to predict locations of Olympia oyster presence.
Crew members on the Delma Ann haul in a crab pot and hit it against a banger bar to force the crustaceans out of the pot. Because of a fisherman's suggestion, researchers are looking for ergonomic banger bars.
This video describes the Fishermen-Led Injury Prevention Program (FLIPP) and its innovative research that involves commercial fishermen, researchers, extension agents, and coastal community members to understand injuries at sea better.
Dozens of boats in Newport's commercial fishing port
By better defining what has impacted Oregon’s small nearshore fleet members, this thesis explores whether the collective experiences of fishermen in the nearshore sector may contribute local ecological knowledge of other groundfish fishery habitatats.
razor clams
Researchers quantified microplastic types, concentrations, anatomical burdens, geographic distribution and temporal differences in Pacific oysters and Pacific razor clams from 15 Oregon coast sites.
plastic trash on beach
Researchers summarize the current knowledge, identify data gaps, and provide future research directions for addressing microplastics effects in commercially valuable North American fishery species.