A pile of Pacific oyster shells.
This report summarizes the findings of a survey of individuals working in and around the aquaculture industry to help determine barriers to expanding and current needs.
Mesh panel covered in mature dulse
This study demonstrates how pressurized fluid injection of clonal plantlets onto a mesh surfce and the growth of the shoot tissue.
razor clams
Study deployed passive water samplers and collected riverine and estuarine bivalves from Oregon Coast watersheds to examine forestry-​specific pesticide contamination.
Chris Langdon holding red seaweed
This paper is about a novel method for propagating red algae that can be automated and potentially used to scale up production.
hand holding hundreds of small Pacific oyster larvae
Research evaluates phenotypic and genetic changes during larval development of Pacific oysters reared in ambient and high pCO2 conditions, both in domesticated and naturalized “wild” oysters from the Pacific Northwest.
Four small sablefish that have been caught lay on a wooden deck.
The researchers developed essential blood monitoring markers for monitoring the health of sablefish, also known as butterfish or black cod.