hand holding hundreds of small Pacific oyster larvae
The results of this study provide insight into how the microbiome of Pacific oysters may affect their early development, which can inform hatchery and nursery practices.
Long frons on bull kelp waves in an underwater exhibit at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The bull kelp grows in long vertical strands. Fish swim between them.
This report is a comprehensive analysis of the seaweed industry in Oregon and the emerging possiblities for the local economoy and environment.


A thick bodied shark like fish swims in the water.
This study assesses natural resource management actions within a social-ecological systems perspective to develop a conceptual framework for climate-smart aquaculture.
Carla Schubiger points to oyster larval images on a computer screen.
Research results suggest that probiotics are effective at preventing bacterial infections in oyster larvae and can significantly improve their performance using a single application early in their development.
A photo of oyster grower rafts and the title Guide to Oregon Aquaculture.
The Guide is intended to increase awareness and understanding of aquaculture in Oregon and serve as a resource for emerging growers in the state.
Mesh panel covered in mature dulse
Researchers grew a clonal strain of red macroalga on immobilized mesh panels in a raceway pond and achieve high density. They also measured the CO2 uptake in real time and the cumulative CO2 capture over 23 days.