George Waldbusser, a biogeochemist at Oregon State University, straps a bag of oysters to rebar as a control while doctoral student Sophia Wensman places a bag of oysters on top of empty oyster shells in Netarts Bay.
This webinar features George Waldbusser, a biogeochemist who studies how carbon dioxide is changing the chemistry of the ocean and affecting shellfish.
Underwater view of chinook salmon swiming over a rocky river bed.
This career webinar is for students grades 6-12 and features who manages the Oregon Hatchery Research Center in Alsea.
Laminaria saccharina brown algae at the coast of Lista, Farsund municipality, in southern Norway.
This study compared the growth of female brown algea gametophyte filamentous cell suspension cultures in a stirred-tank photobioreactor under batch and fed-batch nutrient addition modes over a 48-day cultivation period.


Oysters in basket
Study evaluates the impact of ocean acidification on the fitness traits across multiple larval stages and between discrete oyster populations.
hand holding hundreds of small Pacific oyster larvae
This project evaluates the use of a habitat model, developed using geospatial raster layers of salinity, substrate, and elevation, in Yaquina Bay, Oregon to predict locations of Olympia oyster presence.
razor clams
Researchers quantified microplastic types, concentrations, anatomical burdens, geographic distribution and temporal differences in Pacific oysters and Pacific razor clams from 15 Oregon coast sites.