The Tillamook County Coastal Futures Project helps determine the relative impact of policy and management decisions on the adaptive capacity of Tillamook County, OR under a range of future climate scenarios.


This document is a summary of the 2016 Annual Meeting of the West Coast Regional Planning Body in Portland, Oregon. Included in this summary are the meeting agenda, presentation slides and condensed transcripts of discussions between RPB members
A semiannual newsletter covering selected Oregon Sea Grant research projects and activities and dedicated to promoting discovery, understanding, and resilience for Oregon coastal communities and ecosystems.
This chapter for Climate in Context reviews the relationship between NOAA, RISA, Land Grant and Sea Grant extensions systems.
This project investigates the strengths and weaknesses of Oregon's current MS4 Phase 1 permit program, draws conclusion, and provides essential recommendations for future permit development.


A thesis on an in-depth case study of the researcher-stakeholder engagement experience in a transdisciplinary research project.