A green sea turtle swims underwater by a coral reef.
Victoria Quennessen, a doctoral student in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University, talks about how she plans to use computer simulations to study populations of green sea turtles off Brazil.
Dungeness crab larva sits on the tip of a finger.
Genetic research finds while their is a high connectivity within Dungeness crab larval recruits, selective pressures can influence genetic composition.
Loggerhead turtle  resting under on the sea bed floor near rocks.
Results demonstrated that integrated mixed-effects models provide reduced bias of the growth parameters, unknown ages, and derived variables.
These images show the same whale during different years and phases of reproduction, and the whale's corresponding Body Area Index.
Researcher used whales' body conditions to monitor their foraging success. This information is used to better understand and anticipate individual- and population-level trends in whale reproduction and survival.
Sea otter floats on its back with its paws on its face.
Robert Bailey, the president of the Elakha Alliance, gives an overview of sea otters and efforts to reintroduce them to the Oregon coast.
Pacfic octopus at the Hatfield Visitor Center
This study evaluates an assessment tool that tracks the health and welfare of giant Pacific octopuses.