A wave monitoring buoy floats in the water. The buoy holds a minature wind turbine, solar panel and other sensing equipment.
Business Oregon funded a study by OSU researchers to answer what ways OSU facilitates wave energy development in Oregon and if there are strategic and specific “feed-in points” to accelerate technology development and the pipeline.
Lush plants grow in water in an area that was restored in the Five Mile Bell project. The area is flanked by trees.
This report describes Stage 0 restoration techniques, summarizes attributes of the projects, and compares monitoring methods for evaluating outcomes.
idy pieces of plastic pollution lay on the beach along the tide line.
This thesis conducted interviews with Oregon stakeholders interested in microplastic pollution and evaluated baseline attitudes towards its management.
Devil's Lake in Oregon. Homes line the shore.with evergreens.
This plan provides a framework and pathway forward to address water supply and use challenges in the mid-coast region, and sustainably balance water needs for people and native fish and wildlife.
A sand dune landscape with rolling hills on a clear day. Beach grass is in the foreground.
Oregon State University hosted a meeting about topics related to Oregon's dunes. Oregon Sea Grant was one of the sponsors. Topics included dune management strategies, carbon storage, plover habitat and native plant revegetation.


Students explore shore crabs.
Seven groups of teachers and marine scientists talk about the lesson plans they created as participants in the Oregon Marine Scientist and Educator Alliance. Oregon Sea Grant organized this online capstone event, which took place Aug. 26, 2021.