A pile of Pacific oyster shells.
This video explains how scientists use probiotics to protect oyster larvae against the pathogenic bacteria Vibrio coralliilyticus.
Brittany King
This study used a mental model approach to explore the potential value of racial/ethnic and gender diversity in marine and fisheries science professions from a cognitive deep-level diversity perspective.
A tsunami evacuation sign in a residential neighborhod.
This study calculated how long it may take roads and bridges on Oregon coast to open after and earthquake and tsunami.
An oyster farm on a sunny day. In the shallow waters are rows are ropes tided between posts with bags of oysters attached.
This report on the status of Oregon's marine aquaculture industry identifies barriers to expansion from multiple sectors' perspectives and highlights opportunities to support sustainable expansion with informed regulations to reduce environmental impacts.
Water runs through Stawberry Creek, a small mountain creek with bolders and edged with trees.
Researchers sampled 16 coastal watersheds in Oregon for current-use water-borne herbicides commonly used in forestland vegetation management. Models predicted south coast sites have higher than average herbicide concentrations, which aligns with findings.
An ocean inlet. Rolling hills and homes are on the river. A bridge crosses over it.
This survey investigated Oregonians' perception of the risks and economic benefits of exporting natural gas on the West Coast. It also looks at the role of socio-demographic, political ideology, and place-based factors in shaping these perceptions.