This paper illustrates challenges and opportunities to marine disease management, assesses applications for marine disease outbreak prevention, response, and recovery and recommends multiple actions for future marine wildlife disease emergencies.
A dover sole swims along the sand ocean floor. It has a flat body and both eyes sit on short stalks on one side of its body.
Researchers examine the growth rate of juvenile English sole under 15 combinations of temperature and dissolved oxygen levels.
This chapter is in the book Polluting Textiles the Problem with Microfibers. The book examines the critical issue of environmental pollutants produced by the textile industry.
Devil's Lake in Oregon. Homes line the shore.with evergreens.
This plan provides a framework and pathway forward to address water supply and use challenges in the mid-coast region, and sustainably balance water needs for people and native fish and wildlife.
Using a simulator, a child steers a research ship through Yaquina Bay in an exhibit at the Hatfield Visitor Center. His father stands near him and points to the screen in front of them.
This video describes outreach and K-12 marine education efforts centered around a new research ship.
A child looks at a display of spider drawings in a display with a hand-held microscope.
Researchers analyze the social interactions of families in an interactive exhibition on biodiversity at the Museum of Science and Life (Brazil), and how the presence of human mediation influenced the experience of family visits to the exhibit.