Oregon dunes with grasses in foreground
This paper reports on genetic evidence that two invasive, dune-building beachgrasses in the Pacific Northwest have hybridized and that the hybrid has been found in Oregon and Washington.
A gray whale breaches near Port Orford.
Researchers assessed energy values of common nearshore zooplankton in Oregon's gray whale feeding grounds, and compared it to the energetic value of amphipod species fed on by Eastern North Pacific gray whales in the Arctic.
Oregon Sea Grant logo
In this study, measurement protocols and methods are developed in two environmental archives (oyster shells and ice) to improve geochemical analyses of lead.
western pearlshell mussels in water
This dissertation explores relationships among landscape patterns, ecosystem processes and bivalve species dynamics in coastal watersheds in Oregon, USA.
razor clams
Study deployed passive water samplers and collected riverine and estuarine bivalves from Oregon Coast watersheds to examine forestry-​specific pesticide contamination.
This case study uses a mixed methods approach to describe this small, specialized fishery and area of coastal habitat.