In this seminar, Shawn Rowe presents communication techniques that are being shown to transition well from face-to-face to virtual science communication. He also provides some evidence-based tips for virtual exhibits and tours.
sign says native caught fresh fish
This video explains how to buy salmon and steelhead from tribal vendors along the Columbia River Gorge.
Arial view of flooding in Tillamook, Oregon
A unique modeling project developed to address coastal flooding and erosion in Tillamook County, Oregon provides different scenarios based on the uncertainty of climate change and community's potential planning actions.
The sun shines over the Klamath River near Hornbrook, California.
This story map on the restoration work in the Klamath River Basin includes information about the planned removal of four hydropower dams and the effect this work may have on water quality, salmon restoration, and the people in the region.
Four small sablefish that have been caught lay on a wooden deck.
The researchers developed essential blood monitoring markers for monitoring the health of sablefish, also known as butterfish or black cod.
A woman stands at the helm of a boat simlators. Screens in front of her show a 180-degree view of Yaquina Bay.
The RCRV simulator exhibit at Hatfield Visitor Center provides a realistic 180-degree view from a ship's helm.