Logo for Oregon Sea Grant's 2016 State of the Coast Conference
Listen to the 2021 State of the Coast Conference which was held virtually on October 28 and 29, 2021.
Arial view of a female gray whale swimming with her calf. Photo NOAA Fisheries
This study investigates the effects of body condition variability on hormones associated with stress and energy allocation in Eastern North Pacific gray whales.
A young woman wears a lab coat and mask in a laboratory. Beakers and a scale are on the counter in front of her. The title Oregon Applied Sustainability Experience is written over the image.
Three interns talk about their work in the Oregon Applied Sustainability Experience paid internship program in 2020.
oyster shells in large baskets rest on the sand.
Replicated cultures and a pooled sequencing approach, shows that genotype-dependent mortality in larvae of the Pacific oyster is largely temporally dynamic and inconsistently in favor of a single genotype or allelic variant at each locus.
Adult students stand behind a banner that says, "Welcome Coastal Ocean Environmental School in Ghana"
This article explores the perceived impacts for student learners and scientist instructors of an international informal science learning programs focused on marine science.
A dover sole swims along the sand ocean floor. It has a flat body and both eyes sit on short stalks on one side of its body.
Using bottom trawl survey data from NOAA Fisheries, researchers assessed changes over 40 years in northern California Current continental shelf groundfish assemblage composition, species' presence, and relationships to environmental variables.