Crab pots are stacked on a boat.
Researchers' findings use fine-scale species distribution models to assess space-use conflicts in dynamic marine ecosystems and can be used to guide fisheries management to reduce entanglement risk in Oregon.


This is a compilation of monthly newsletters created in 2022 by the Oregon Coast STEM Hub for educators, industry partners and students on the Oregon Coast.
A thick bodied shark like fish swims in the water.
This study assesses natural resource management actions within a social-ecological systems perspective to develop a conceptual framework for climate-smart aquaculture.
Carla Schubiger points to oyster larval images on a computer screen.
Research results suggest that probiotics are effective at preventing bacterial infections in oyster larvae and can significantly improve their performance using a single application early in their development.
Sea stars cluster on a rock with sussles at low tide.
This dissertation studied ochre sea stars, Pacific oysters and red abalone.
Fishing net full of groundfish empties onto a boat.
Researchers investigate whether fishery-dependent time series can be used to fill in spatial and temporal data gaps where scientific, fishery-independent data are not available.