These images show the same whale during different years and phases of reproduction, and the whale's corresponding Body Area Index.
Researcher used whales' body conditions to monitor their foraging success. This information is used to better understand and anticipate individual- and population-level trends in whale reproduction and survival.
Fishing net full of groundfish empties onto a boat.
This report looks at a subgroup within Oregon’s groundfish trawl fleet known as the nearshore fleet. It describes how the fleet changed its fishing nets and practices to comply with regulations aimed at bolsting struggling groundfish populations.
Sign on a dock advertising fresh live crab for sale.
The Sea Grant Extension Assembly hosted a webinar about marketing seafood directly.
Sea otter floats on its back with its paws on its face.
Robert Bailey, the president of the Elakha Alliance, gives an overview of sea otters and efforts to reintroduce them to the Oregon coast.
line drawing of two figures talking. Speach bubble represented as puzzle pieces that do not fit.
Kelly Biedenweg, a social scientist in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University, discusses six myths about communication.
Pale deep sea cold water corals growing on dark ocean ground
Researchers evaluated how to effectively use an exhibit to increase public literacy of the deep sea over the short and long term and then how visitors to a science center perceive the deep sea.