Aerial view of Winter Lakes tide gate project.
This document is intended for policymakers so they can make informed decisions about upgrading or removing tide gates in an effort to improve conditions for Oregon’s native migratory fish and other animals and plants that inhabit estuaries.


This is a list of publications reported by Oregon Sea Grant staff and supported researchers and students during the fourth quarter of 2019.
plastic trash on beach
This plan summarizes the input and insights of the Oregon marine debris community.
what's fresh and when flyer for the Oregon central and north coast
This is an easy reference guide on what seafood is fresh and when it will be available on the north and central coast of Oregon for 2019.
harbor porpoise swimming in the ocean
Passive acoustic monitoring was used to investigate the spatial and temporal variations in the locations and foraging activity of harbor porpoises off the Oregon coast from May through October 2014.
Two high school girls at Visitor Center tide pool touch tank
This study aims to understand the experience of adolescents during visits outside the school context in science museums and centers, and how the free-choice learning processes are constructed in this context.