Aerial view of a crabbing boat on the ocean.
This study assesses the evidence for seasonal consumption of commercial Dungeness crab fishery bait off the Oregon coast by that target species through stable isotope and gut content analysis.
A Bull Trout swims along a rocky river bed in clear water.
Researchers developed a spatially-explicit hybridization risk model for native and non-native trout. The model can also identify stream reaches with higher risk of hybridization.
This book chapter is about research that investigates public views on fossil fuel export expansions in the Pacific Northwest.
A Dover sole fish lays flat on the ocean floor and its gray body with brown speckles blends in to form a camouflage.
Researchers investigate whether fishery-dependent time series can be used to fill in spatial and temporal data gaps where scientific, fishery-independent data are not available.
This study highlights the importance of forage fish within inner-shelf marine ecosystems using examples from the Northern California Current and describes outstanding research needs for forage fish within this topical area.
Albatross chick close up
This study highlights the importance of data quality in predicting the distribution and habitat of albatrosses.