This book chapter provides a consice summary of key issues related to the principles and practices of consultation, drawing on renewable energy scholarly literature and specifically OE literature.
Researchers find seminaphtharhodafluor (SNARF) provides robust measurements of intracellular pH in phytoplankton, constituting a useful tool in investigating the effects of ocean acidification and fluctuations in environmental pH on cellular physiology.
 Pacific Sanddab a type of flatfish found off the coast of Oregon
Researchers investigate the effects of summer hypoxia and other environmental variables along the Oregon coast on the distribution and abundance of juvenile demersal fish that live and feed on or near the bottom of the ocean and coastal shelf.
image from video from drone video footage of whales
Researchers find drones allows significantly greater access and video footage of whales with less distrubance to the whales and lower cost.
Tide gates report
This document reports on findings, conclusions and recommendations derived from scientific literature and knowledge regarding the effectiveness of tide gate removal or upgrade in improving conditions for Oregon’s native migratory fish species.
Two paddle boarders
These combined factsheets provide highlights of the economic impact of tourism on Coos and Curry counties.