A photo of oyster grower rafts and the title Guide to Oregon Aquaculture.
The Guide is intended to increase awareness and understanding of aquaculture in Oregon and serve as a resource for emerging growers in the state.
Mesh panel covered in mature dulse
Researchers grew a clonal strain of red macroalga on immobilized mesh panels in a raceway pond and achieve high density. They also measured the CO2 uptake in real time and the cumulative CO2 capture over 23 days.
A pile of Pacific oyster shells.
This video explains how scientists use probiotics to protect oyster larvae against the pathogenic bacteria Vibrio coralliilyticus.
razor clams
Interviews with stakeholders and socio-economic analysis finds the razor clam fishery is an important resource for Oregon communities and economy.
Sea otter floats on its back with its paws on its face.
This report provides scientific guidance for incorporating social science and human dimensions into the consideration of potential sea otter reintroductions.
A hand holding a cluster of juvenile crabs close to the water.
This paper reports on how juvenile Dungeness crab respond to foraging and sensing pH behavior experiments.