This is the first report of a major burrowing shrimp population on the continental northeast Pacific coastal ocean.
Plastic wad on the beach
With this curriculum, students focus on one marine debris object commonly found on Oregon beaches, research its original purpose, user, and life cycle, and then propose targeted solutions to prevent this particular item from becoming marine debris.
Brittany King
This study used a mental model approach to explore the potential value of racial/ethnic and gender diversity in marine and fisheries science professions from a cognitive deep-level diversity perspective.
A tsunami evacuation sign in a residential neighborhod.
This study calculated how long it may take roads and bridges on Oregon coast to open after and earthquake and tsunami.
Two high school girls at Visitor Center tide pool touch tank
This paper presents the results of a qualitative and exploratory research on the impressions and emotional reactions of five groups of teenagers from public schools who visited the Aquarium in Brazil.
This chapter of the OCA report looks at recent assessments and analyses that document increasing rates of sea-level rise and erosion along Oregon’s coasts, and measures are being implemented or considered to adapt to these changes.