An Emerald Ash Borer beettle with a shiny metallic shell sits on a leaf with bite marks.
A online identification guide for landscape workers and the public to help them protect forests and trees from the Emerald ash borer.
An oyster farm on a sunny day. In the shallow waters are rows are ropes tided between posts with bags of oysters attached.
This report on the status of Oregon's marine aquaculture industry identifies barriers to expansion from multiple sectors' perspectives and highlights opportunities to support sustainable expansion with informed regulations to reduce environmental impacts.
A small red and orange Japanese shore crab is measured with a ruler.
ORSEA connects math and science educators with scientists to create and pilot lessons centered around marine-focused anchoring phenomena.
Using a simulator, a child steers a research ship through Yaquina Bay in an exhibit at the Hatfield Visitor Center. His father stands near him and points to the screen in front of them.
This two-page document summarizes the highlights of Oregon Sea Grant staff, students and supported researchers in 2021-22.
A cove with a sandy beach and line of rocks farther up the shore near a coastal forest.
newsletters in 2022 created collaboratively by the Oregon Sea Grant’s Oregon Coastal Hazards program, Cascadia CoPes Hub and Washington CHRN.
This study describes the distribution of C. shasta relative to chum salmon habitat in the Columbia River Basin and assess it potential to cause mortality to juvenile chum salmon.