A round transparent tunacate colony shaped like a wreath floats in the water.
This article reports on the first high-resolution assessment of pelagic tunicates (Salpa thompsoni) and temporal distributions in the Southern Ocean using glider-borne acoustics.
This masters thesis looks at the converstation and management of red abalone in Oregon which is threatened.
Water runs through Stawberry Creek, a small mountain creek with bolders and edged with trees.
Researchers sampled 16 coastal watersheds in Oregon for current-use water-borne herbicides commonly used in forestland vegetation management. Models predicted south coast sites have higher than average herbicide concentrations, which aligns with findings.
Grassy stream banks on the Slamon River Estuary, Oregon
Researchers investigate the timescale it takes a salt marsh to reestablish in Netarts Bay, Oregon, following the 1700 earthquake.
Lush plants grow in water in an area that was restored in the Five Mile Bell project. The area is flanked by trees.
This article is on Stage 0 rehabilitation practices and presents an initial synthesis of results that provide a foundation for understanding the effects of this approach on river rehabilitation.
A group of people in a meeting gather around a table and look at documents.
In this article, researchers propose a novel concept called “regenerative gatekeeping” to challenge institutional inertia, cultivate belonging, accessibility, justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in committee work.