western pearlshell mussels in water
This study is on freshwater mussel ecology in Oregon's coastal watersheds. It analyzes stream survey data, co-varying habitat characteristics, and summarizes mussel distribution and host fish co-occurrence.
Underwater view of two Chinook salmon swimming along a rocky stream bed.
A new approach to assessing the impacts of hypoxia on fish can be used to compare impacts among species and across other physical, biological, and chemical gradients and environmental change.


Carla Schubiger points to oyster larval images on a computer screen.
Research results suggest that probiotics are effective at preventing bacterial infections in oyster larvae and can significantly improve their performance using a single application early in their development.
A Dover sole fish lays flat on the ocean floor and its gray body with brown speckles blends in to form a camouflage.
Researchers investigate whether fishery-dependent time series can be used to fill in spatial and temporal data gaps where scientific, fishery-independent data are not available.
Passengers aboard a chartered vessel catch a glimpse of a whale breaching off the Oregon coast.
To understand the physiological impacts of vessel traffic on baleen whales, researchers investigated the adrenal stress response of gray whales to variable vessel traffic levels through an assessment of fecal glucocorticoid metabolite concentrations.
On a rocky shore, a large bull Steller sea lion sits in the foreground with its face upward. Around it sit smaller female sea lions.
Black rubber bands were the most common neck-entangling material, followed by plastic packing bands.