An ocean inlet. Rolling hills and homes are on the river. A bridge crosses over it.
This research survey investigated Oregonian’s public perception of the risks and economic benefits of exporting natural gas on the West Coast.


A northeast Pacific mudshrimp on a black background. It has a transluent orange-pink extoskeleton with long front claws, a large head, long narrow body and two fan shaped fins at the back.
This paper documents declines of native northeast Pacific mud shrimp due to infestations by two Asian bopyrid isopod parasites.
A close up view of a crumpled plastic bottle on the beach is the foreground. It is surrounded by tiny pieces of plastic. In the background is the coastal headlands near Beverly Beach in Oregon.
Researchers designed and installed an ocean plastics exhibit at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, then evaluated visitor engagement and the exhibit's effects on their reported single-use plastic and plastic-related environmental stewardship goals.
Honor Booth, a Summer Scholar, looks at a sample under a microscope on the beach. In the background are sea stacks.
This paper provides a summary of a few innovative initiatives being undertaken in academic and research to broaden participation and overcome systemic barriers to participation in geosciences.
Mesh panel covered in mature dulse
This study demonstrates how pressurized fluid injection of clonal plantlets onto a mesh surfce and the growth of the shoot tissue.
A laptop comuter is open with the word "webinars" in the screen.
A mixed-methods approach evaluates how NOAA's West Watch can move to a two-way communication tool, facilitating bilateral information exchange between research presenters and their audience.