hand holding hundreds of small Pacific oyster larvae
The results of this study provide insight into how the microbiome of Pacific oysters may affect their early development, which can inform hatchery and nursery practices.
A large Chinook salmon with a red under belly and sides swims with smaller Omykiss in the background.
This research proposes a method to assess the distribution of environmental resistance of stream ecosystems to biological invasions by coupling multi-stage habitat potential models for non-native species.
A gray whale forages off the Oregon coast.
By collecting and assessing microparticle loads in zooplankton prey and fecal samples of gray whales, researchers estimate their consumption rate of microparticles.
Based on the Human-Centered Design, researchers conducted in-depth interviews to discover employee needs, evaluated data and proposed organizational strategies to improve employees' experiences.
This case study examines how Oregon's Latinx coastal community perceives critical facilities and identifies new locations valued by this community as places to go in time of need.
A rocky island on the Willamette River on a clear day.
Researchers review hydrologic, geomorphic, ecologic, and social conditions in the Willamette River basin through time—including pre-settlement, river development, and contemporary periods—and offer a future vision for consideration.