Close up of person holding live Dungeness crab
A genotyping by-sequencing approach was used to examine genomic variation in an early life stage of the Dungeness crab. Dungeness crab are the most valuable single-species commercial fishery in the California Current Ecosystem.
Grassy stream banks on the Slamon River Estuary, Oregon
Researchers study Oregon estuaries to assess controls on tidal saline wetland carbon burial and sediment accretion.
picture of flood warning sign at the beach with waves crashing into a building
Researchers find evidence that the value of the erosion protection option is between 13% and 22% of the land price for parcels vulnerable to coastal hazards.
Aerial view of Cape Falcon on the Oregon coast
Researchers highlight a policy framework to develop terrestrial and ocean-integrated policies that can complement and enhance terrestrial focused initiatives focused on four specific sectors.
These images show the same whale during different years and phases of reproduction, and the whale's corresponding Body Area Index.
Researcher used whales' body conditions to monitor their foraging success. This information is used to better understand and anticipate individual- and population-level trends in whale reproduction and survival.
Pale deep sea cold water corals growing on dark ocean ground
Researchers evaluated how to effectively use an exhibit to increase public literacy of the deep sea over the short and long term and then how visitors to a science center perceive the deep sea.