Adult coho salmon swiming upriver
This article and research use the expressed behavior of Coho salmon to evaluate the vulnerability of upriver migrants under future hydrological regimes. The paper discusses management implications and conservation planning.
This paper explores the variability of extreme water levels within the Quileute Indian Reservation on the Washington state coast to better understand the risk of the compounding impacts of various environmental forcing.


Researchers use high-speed videography to better understand the filter structure, hydrodynamics and animal behavior that affect the feeding selectivity of Oikopleura dioca.
This project integrated research and outreach regarding gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) behavioral response to vessels, and translated results into community-developed vessel operation guidelines.
 Pacific Sanddab a type of flatfish found off the coast of Oregon
Researchers investigate the effects of summer hypoxia and other environmental variables along the Oregon coast on the distribution and abundance of juvenile demersal fish that live and feed on or near the bottom of the ocean and coastal shelf.
image from video from drone video footage of whales
Researchers find drones allows significantly greater access and video footage of whales with less distrubance to the whales and lower cost.