This study examined the use of spray beads prepared with bees wax for delivery of water-soluble substances to Artemia.
P-LOCI software identifies the most efficient set of codominant markers for assigning parentage at a user-defined level of success, using either simulated or actual offspring genotypes of known parentage.
Part of a special feature on "Pathways to resilient salmon ecosystems."
Implicit in the question, ‘‘How should I prioritize restoration actions?’’ is often the unstated question, ‘‘What should I restore?’’ Distinguishing between these questions helps clarify the restoration planning process, which has four distinct steps:....
This study employs an existing finite-difference model based on the hyperbolic form of the modified mild slope equation ~MMSE! to investigate wave reflection near bathymetric depressions such as dredged borrow pits and nearshore canyons.