Mesh panel covered in mature dulse
This study assessed the productivity of the red alga Palmaria mollis (Pacific dulse) plantlets immobilized on a vertical array of mesh panels in aerated tank culture.
The draft genome of streptomyces sp. strain ventii, an environmental isolate recovered from deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean, is presented along with the resequenced draft genomes.
picture of flood warning sign at the beach with waves crashing into a building
Researchers find evidence that the value of the erosion protection option is between 13% and 22% of the land price for parcels vulnerable to coastal hazards.
Dungeness crab larva sits on the tip of a finger.
Genetic research finds while their is a high connectivity within Dungeness crab larval recruits, selective pressures can influence genetic composition.
A series of large tanks with monitoring equipment used for aquaculture experiements
This paper examines how seawater carbonate chemistry remains an uncontrolled variable affecting marine biology experiments.
Loggerhead turtle  resting under on the sea bed floor near rocks.
Results demonstrated that integrated mixed-effects models provide reduced bias of the growth parameters, unknown ages, and derived variables.