This study employs an existing finite-difference model based on the hyperbolic form of the modified mild slope equation ~MMSE! to investigate wave reflection near bathymetric depressions such as dredged borrow pits and nearshore canyons.


This review describes the development and evaluation of a complex microparticle type composed of nutrients incorporated in lipid spray beads for feeding fish larvae.


This study examined the heritability of body weight among adult Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) from Yaquina Bay, Oregon, USA, and sought to determine if selection on individual body weight could result in changes in offspring survival and yield.
This study sought to determine if the relative rankings of average family performance (i.e. average individual weight, survival and yield) remain stable across a wide range of growing environments.


This paper examines the categories of skills necessary to conduct Public Issues Education programs that address complex and contentious natural resource issues facing communities.
The study discussed here examines Extension professionals' perceived skills to practice Public Issues Education.