Image of app on a phone used to track marine mammal sitings by volunteers
This study investigates the use of a mobile application, Whale mAPP, as a citizen science tool for collecting marine mammal sighting data.
hand holding hundreds of small Pacific oyster larvae
Researchers developed a new metric, the Ocean Acidification Stress Index for Shellfish (OASIS), for understanding Pacific oyster larval responses to variable regimes of seawater carbonate chemistry.
Research holds handfuls of pyrosomes that have appeared lately on Pacific Northwest coast
This paper discusses that appearance of pyrosomes (P. atlanticum) in coastal waters near northern California, Oregon, and Washington north of their previously reported range since 2014.
This study highlights the flexible habitat-use patterns of breeding humpback whales and raises new questions about the environmental and social drivers of their presence in offshore breeding grounds.
Jellyfish on the beach
Researchers use gut contents and stable isotope analyses to learn more abot what Velella Vella prey and the potential impacts of large blooms on the marine ecosystem.