In this paper, researchers review the methods used to date to study fisheries competition with seabirds, and present “best practices” for future resource competition assessments.
Researchers sought to determine whether all major classes of steroid and thyroid hormones are detectable in baleen, and whether these hormones are detectable in other mysticetes.
In this research 10 microsatellite loci were used to examine connectivity among Oregon Dungeness crabs in the California Current System as well as between Oregon and two British Columbia populations, Alison Sound and Boundary Bay.
In this study, genetic connectivity of Dungeness crab Cancer magister in Puget Sound and coastal Washington, USA, was examined to test the hypothesis of genetic structure in partially enclosed versus open environments.
In this paper the researcher postulates that cetaceans utilize a scale dependent, multimodal sensory system to assess and increase prey encounters.
In this paper researchers identify key challenges that impede aquatic animal movement science from informing management and conservation, and propose strategies for overcoming them.