Research paper address how many coastal communities, are underprepared for a tsunami event; lacking a comprehensive understanding of unplanned network disruptions as a key component to disaster management planning and infrastructure resilience.
Researchers studied macroinvertebra​te assemblages in lowland temporary streams of a region with high agricultura​l land use, the southern Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA.
To determine whether reduced dissolved O2 level has a role in KHV reactivation during temperature stress, KHV reactivation was investigated in KHV latently infected koi (KHV+ koi) under stressful temperatures.
Researchers developed an automatic weighing technique, using a digital scale beneath a natural nest, to remotely measure meal size in great albatrosses.
In this paper, researchers review the methods used to date to study fisheries competition with seabirds, and present “best practices” for future resource competition assessments.
Researchers present the Residence in Space and Time (RST) method to classify behavior patterns in movement data based on the concept that behavior states can be partitioned by the amount of space and time occupied in an area of constant scale.