A thick bodied shark like fish swims in the water.
This study assesses natural resource management actions within a social-ecological systems perspective to develop a conceptual framework for climate-smart aquaculture.
Sea stars cluster on a rock with sussles at low tide.
This dissertation studied ochre sea stars, Pacific oysters and red abalone.
razor clams
Interviews with stakeholders and socio-economic analysis finds the razor clam fishery is an important resource for Oregon communities and economy.
This masters thesis looks at the converstation and management of red abalone in Oregon which is threatened.
Dune grass in the foregrand and a row of two story homes in the background.
This thesis combines field and numerical modeling studies to quantify the adjustment length scale and its importance to account for numerically simulating landscape changes within sparsely vegetated dune canopies in managed sites.
idy pieces of plastic pollution lay on the beach along the tide line.
This thesis conducted interviews with Oregon stakeholders interested in microplastic pollution and evaluated baseline attitudes towards its management.