Investigate the benefits and obstacles of community fishing association (CFA) implementation, further address the question of how to define a fishing community, and to analyze the overall applicability of these types of programs to ports, fisheries, etc.
The recent rise of inner shelf hypoxia in the California Current System has caused concern within the scientific community...


This thesis examines the effect of temperature on the phenology of the Ceratomyxa shasta life cycle, the effect of thermal refugia on disease risk in juvenile salmonids in the Klamath River, CA, and the spatial and temporal distribution of C. shasta in th
This study shows that statewide prevention, local boater decontamination and fish hatchery prevention are cost-efficient strategies for managing New Zealand Mudsnails.
To better understand the extreme local amplification of tsunami, the experimental investigation on counter-propagating solitary wave collisions over a horizontal bottom was conducted using the optical measurement techniques: Particle Image Velocimetry (PI
Nearshore and estuarine environments along the U.S West Coast are ocean acidification "hotspots."