This thesis presents two manuscripts which pertain to estimating infrastructure damage and determining design loads of tsunami inundation.


This study develops an operational approach to the problem of implementing marine spatial planning that is founded on community-based methods, ecological production theory, and multi-criteria decision analysis.
This study has two main objectives: (1) to document where and when Humboldt squid have been present in Oregon through cooperative fisheries research, and (2) to correlate the sightings with oceanographic conditions using a geographic information system (G
This research was focused on developing: a new rapid-survey methodology to assess declining populations of an intertidal burrowing mud shrimp, and translating the methods used into a suitable 7th grade math and science curriculum.
Reflection of an obliquely incident solitary wave at a vertical wall is studied experimentally in the laboratory wave tank.
A study of the effects of hypoxia on the density, community structure, vertical and horizontal distribution of fish larvae and juveniles, as well as body condition of juveniles, along the central Oregon and Washington coasts during the summers of 2008 - 2