Hobby activities can be viewed through the lens of informal, free-choice learning. In this study, the author used koi hobbyists as subjects to discover and explore hobbyists’ information-seeking strategies under different learning scenarios.
The purpose of Oregon’s Nearshore Research Inventory (NRI) project was to inventory and map the current and future use of Oregon’s nearshore environment by the scientific research community for use in Oregon’s marine spatial planning process.
This research uses the Institutional Development Analysis (IDA) framework to examine the relationships between the individual levels of enforcement and the commercial trawl fishermen in Newport, Oregon, to determine if there is a difference in relationshi


Methodology to directly incorporate the impacts of climate change and variability into coastal vulnerability assessments via an integrated multi-scale, multi-hazard approach.
Coastal planners and decision makers need information about the impacts of future hazards in order to apply mitigation and adaptation strategies.