The Pacific Fishery Management Council instituted a catch share program for the West Coast groundfish trawl fishery. The program was intended to create a more sustainable fishery and increase economic efficiency through the use of individual fishing quota
Evidence for reduced reproductive success (RS) of wild spawning hatchery-reared fish invites serious consideration with regard to the detrimental effects on subsequent generations of wild populations. Mate choice was evaluated as a potential mechanism con
The purpose of this project was to advance the wave predictive capabilities of the states of Oregon and the southwest part of Washington by including the effects of local bathymetric features in the operational forecasts.
Hobby activities can be viewed through the lens of informal, free-choice learning. In this study, the author used koi hobbyists as subjects to discover and explore hobbyists’ information-seeking strategies under different learning scenarios.
The purpose of Oregon’s Nearshore Research Inventory (NRI) project was to inventory and map the current and future use of Oregon’s nearshore environment by the scientific research community for use in Oregon’s marine spatial planning process.
This research uses the Institutional Development Analysis (IDA) framework to examine the relationships between the individual levels of enforcement and the commercial trawl fishermen in Newport, Oregon, to determine if there is a difference in relationshi