This research explores how the nature of their connection to the sea leads to different perceptions of risk and comfort with uncertainty, and how these differences might be important to consider when one group has information another group needs.
This research focused on population dynamics of two gelatinous zooplankters in the northern California Current to assess their relationship to environmental conditions and role in the pelagic ecosystem.
This thesis project comprised the first spatiotemporal characterization of metformin in a high-discharge river system and examined the effects of metformin on aquatic primary producers.


Thesis reviews the co-produced coastal adaptation policies being explored by KTANs in both Tillamook County, OR and Grays Harbor County, WA.
Dissertation on the effect of steady state and changing pH environments on the internal pH, esterase activity, and photosynthetic efficiency of the marine phytoplankton species, Isochrysis galbana.