Researchers consider the relationships between primary producers, epifaunal mesograzers, and fish predators within and across three Oregon estuaries during a spring-summer season.
This study attempts to better understand how Oregon surfers perceive risk in general, and specifically tsunami risks.
Researcher uses red-sided garter snake to examine the role of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis in regulating seasonal life-history transitions in animals, especially females.
Thesis on observations in many coastal communities indicating aging of fishermen and a lack of young people entering the industry, causing a “graying effect” in commercial fishing fleets.


Thesis focused on identifying watersheds with the greatest potential for salmon and steelhead recovery and implementing the removal of multiple barriers within those watersheds.
A thesis focused on how natural disasters could result in unnecessary loss of life and disproportionate suffering to families and communities if evacuation plans are not in place or understood by the public.