Improper disposal of unused human and pet pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) are an emerging public and watershed health threat around the world.
Depletion-Based Stock Reduction Analysis (DB-SRA; Dick and MacCall, 2011) is a catch-only fisheries stock assessment model that has been developed to estimate an overfishing limit (OFL) in data-poor situations.
Wind-driven coastal upwelling brings subsurface water onto the central-Oregon shelf after the spring transition each year. This cold and salty source water is oxygen-poor, yet above the hypoxic threshold, dissolved oxygen < 1.4 ml l-1.
Influences of tidal and slower (subtidal) oceanic flows over the continental shelf and slope off Oregon are studied using a high-resolution ocean circulation model and comparative model-data analyses.
Investigate the benefits and obstacles of community fishing association (CFA) implementation, further address the question of how to define a fishing community, and to analyze the overall applicability of these types of programs to ports, fisheries, etc.
The recent rise of inner shelf hypoxia in the California Current System has caused concern within the scientific community...