Local Ocean seafood counter, Newport, Oregon
This 2020 consumer guide helps consumers identify what seasonally fresh seafood will be available along the north and central Oregon coast throughout the year.
catch of tuna fish on the dock
A short guide to some of the commonly caught commercial seafood species in Oregon.
Close up of person holding live Dungeness crab
A genotyping by-sequencing approach was used to examine genomic variation in an early life stage of the Dungeness crab. Dungeness crab are the most valuable single-species commercial fishery in the California Current Ecosystem.
coiled ropes on a dock
This oral history video explores fishing community resilience and maintaining ties within and between communities as the world changes.
side of a boat with ropes and bouy
This oral history video features voices from Oregon's fishing communities on maintaining a sense of optimism in uncertain times.
ropes tided to an bar
This oral history video highlights the role of women in Oregon's commercial fishing industry. Often a family enterprise, women fill crucial roles to help the family business flourish.