Zebra Mussels
This educational flyer aims to inform commercial fishermen about the damaging effects of biofouling and provide tips to help them prevent the costly damage of aquatic invasive species.
Close up of Alexandra Avila, a genetic research post doctoral student
Doctoral student, Alexandra Avila talks about her research on genetics of PNW rockfish and her other work. Spanish with English subtitles.
This case study uses a mixed methods approach to describe this small, specialized fishery and area of coastal habitat.
sign says native caught fresh fish
This video explains how to buy salmon and steelhead from tribal vendors along the Columbia River Gorge.
A dover sole swims along the sand ocean floor. It has a flat body and both eyes sit on short stalks on one side of its body.
Using bottom trawl survey data from NOAA Fisheries, researchers assessed changes over 40 years in northern California Current continental shelf groundfish assemblage composition, species' presence, and relationships to environmental variables.
Soft-shell clams, called Mya arenaria, are lined up on a wet towel, waiting to be measured.
Researchers examined chronic (90 days) exposure by the soft-shell clam, Mya arenaria, to environmentally relevant concentrations of four pesticides registered for use in forestry.