Gray whale breaches
With this study reserachers present a three program analysis suite that measures baleen whales and compensates for lens distortion and corrects scaling error to produce 11 morphometric attributes from sUAS imagery. The program is freely available.
right whale coming out of the water
This brochure and insert were created by Oregon Sea Grant Extension to promote a whale sighting app.
 Pacific Sanddab a type of flatfish found off the coast of Oregon
Research findings highlight the important but variable contribution of both upriver and downriver habitats to English sole early life history.


Researchers use high-speed videography to better understand the filter structure, hydrodynamics and animal behavior that affect the feeding selectivity of Oikopleura dioca.
Students deploy equipment
Confluence is a newsletter of Oregon Sea Grant. Articles feature the supported research and events of the program.
image from video from drone video footage of whales
Researchers find drones allows significantly greater access and video footage of whales with less distrubance to the whales and lower cost.