razor clams
Study deployed passive water samplers and collected riverine and estuarine bivalves from Oregon Coast watersheds to examine forestry-​specific pesticide contamination.
Giant pacific octopus presses against the glass on a tank. Its underside and tenticles are on display.
Oregon Sea Grant's Renee Fowler shares fun facts about the giant Pacific octopus as she feeds it at the Hatfield Visitor Center in Newport.
Adult coho salmon swiming upriver
Study examines whether Oregon coastal coho salmon returning to three tributaries of the Smith River watershed (in the central Oregon Coast Range) responded to the stream hydroregime throughout their spawning period.


Research holds handfuls of pyrosomes that have appeared lately on Pacific Northwest coast
This study examines the unprecedented numbers of pyrosomes in the Northern California Current during 2016-18.
A whale flips its tail amid a red cloud of poop.
Study finds fecal samples are an effective, non-invasive tool for monitoring gray whale reproduction, stress and other physiological responses.
Anna Bolm stands on a boat wearing a pink hard hat.
This career webinar for students features Anna Bloom who studies microplastics in zooplankton.