Oregon dunes with grasses in foreground
The paper reports on genetic evidence that two invasive, dune-building beachgrasses in the Pacific Northwest have hybridized and that the hybrid has been found in Oregon and Washington.
Japanese Shore Crab
This publication provides a briefing of selected serious threats from invasive species and opportunities to address these issues that span jurisdictions in Oregon.
Cover of the guide on invasive jumping worms in the Pacific Northwest. It shows a reddish brown jumping worm with bit of soil on it.
This guide provides information on the invasive Jumping Worm. This includes the background, identification, impacts, prevention, management and reporting of this species.


Adult coho salmon swiming upriver
This music video is a ballad created from research on Ceratonova Shasta, a parasite that affects salmon on the Klamath River in Oregon.
Dozens of tiny New Zealand Mudsnails are placed around a dime to show their size.
This sign warns boaters about invasive New Zealand Mudsnails and the places the mudsnails can be found in boats and gear.
Zebra Mussels
Report on aquatic nuisance species efforts in western North America to help limit the introduction, spread and impacts