Aerial view of Cape Falcon on the Oregon coast
Researchers conducted and analyzed a public participation geographic information system mapping survey of Oregon residents to capture uses and perceived values of coastal and marine areas.
sign says native caught fresh fish
This video explains how to buy salmon and steelhead from tribal vendors along the Columbia River Gorge.


Boat in Astoria harbor with a large bridge in the background at sunset
This report describes the results of the third year of an evaluation of the online presence and prices of companies on the Oregon coast that offer tours for kayaking, salmon fishing and whale watching.
Aerial view of Cape Falcon on the Oregon coast
Researchers highlight a policy framework to develop terrestrial and ocean-integrated policies that can complement and enhance terrestrial focused initiatives focused on four specific sectors.


Fishing Guide casting fishing line
Nine case studies on innovative approaches to developing sustainable tourism.
people on river in a kayak and on a paddle board
This information is for Sea Grant staff and others who wish to evaluate the online presence of outdoor recreational tours and other guided-experience businesses.