Crew members on the Delma Ann haul in a crab pot and hit it against a banger bar to force the crustaceans out of the pot. Because of a fisherman's suggestion, researchers are looking for ergonomic banger bars.
A voluntary best practices directive to help the Oregon Dungeness crab fleet take n important steps towards reducing the risk of whale entanglements.
Jellyfish on the beach
Download this guidebook on the gelatinous animals (jellies) found on the Oregon coast.
This research focused on population dynamics of two gelatinous zooplankters in the northern California Current to assess their relationship to environmental conditions and role in the pelagic ecosystem.
Research holds handfuls of pyrosomes that have appeared lately on Pacific Northwest coast
This paper discusses that appearance of pyrosomes (P. atlanticum) in coastal waters near northern California, Oregon, and Washington north of their previously reported range since 2014.
This study highlights the flexible habitat-use patterns of breeding humpback whales and raises new questions about the environmental and social drivers of their presence in offshore breeding grounds.