To determine whether reduced dissolved O2 level has a role in KHV reactivation during temperature stress, KHV reactivation was investigated in KHV latently infected koi (KHV+ koi) under stressful temperatures.
view of tropical fish in a tank
Video showing how aquarists care for animals at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.
Researchers developed an automatic weighing technique, using a digital scale beneath a natural nest, to remotely measure meal size in great albatrosses.
In this paper, researchers review the methods used to date to study fisheries competition with seabirds, and present “best practices” for future resource competition assessments.
This video explains how new and sick animals are quarantined and treated in the behind-​the-​scenes area known as the west wing.
This video explains how the giant Pacific octopus on display is housed, fed, and kept active with toys.