In this paper, researchers review the methods used to date to study fisheries competition with seabirds, and present “best practices” for future resource competition assessments.
This video explains how new and sick animals are quarantined and treated in the behind-​the-​scenes area known as the west wing.
This video explains how the giant Pacific octopus on display is housed, fed, and kept active with toys.
Researchers present the Residence in Space and Time (RST) method to classify behavior patterns in movement data based on the concept that behavior states can be partitioned by the amount of space and time occupied in an area of constant scale.
This video explains how the aquarists use scrubbing pads and a special vacuum to clean the sides of the tanks and the gravel in them. It also shows how cleaning tools are sanitized to prevent the spread of diseases.
Study finds Chinook salmon harvest and consumption increaded in the past 40 years despite catch reductions by fisheries, due to consumption by recovering pinnipeds and endangered killer whales.