Gooseneck barnacle in the wild
A newsletter covering selected Oregon Sea Grant research projects and activities.
The researchers conducted two studies designed to evaluate delayed mortality, physical condition,and behavioral competency of yelloweye rockfish, Sebastes ruberrimus, experiencing barotrauma during capture followed by recompression.
Researchers used photo-​identification, genetic and stable isotope analyses of tissue samples, and visual surveys of abundance and distribution, to provide details on the demography, population connectivity and ecology of E.australis.
This study demonstrates that ORF6 protein is expressed in both productive infection and latent infection and may have different post-translational modifications during productive infection.
Educational poster of invasive Koi fish
Researchers sampled individual Dungeness crab at 33 sites in 2012 to establish a baseline of genetic diversity and hierarchal population genetic structure and then assessed interannual variability in their estimates by sampling again in 2014.