Oregon Sea Grant offers modest grants for project opportunities or special circumstances when resources are available.

These funds generally are not intended to supplement an existing project, but to provide seed money for exploratory or high-risk efforts, or to respond to urgent needs or unforeseen opportunities that require a timely effort.

Read about development projects in current research or past projects pages.

The Oregon Sea Grant Program Development opportunity has recently been updated. The updated policy and summary of updates are linked at the bottom of this page. The next review deadline will be June 30, 2024.


Development grants are modest in size (total awards typically do not exceed $10,000) and should be one year or less in duration. Larger requests are occasionally considered, and are subject to peer review and approval by the National Sea Grant Office. Given our limited funding, success of requests in excess of $10,000 (total award) will be lower. While cost share is not required for program development proposals, opportunities for leveraged funds are welcome. Please contact us to discuss possible cost share for your project.


Proposals may be submitted by faculty of any public or private institution of higher education in Oregon. The project’s lead Principal Investigator (PI) must be deemed eligible by their institution to receive extramural funding. While non-academic researchers may be included among the co-principal investigators (co-PIs), awards will be made only through colleges and universities.

We encourage the involvement of collaborators and researchers who are not Oregon university faculty (collaborators may be with industry, state/regional/federal agencies, tribes, NGOs, and/or other research or academic institutions). Direct salary support for individuals from state and federal agencies, tribal, and for-profit and foreign organizations is not allowed; however, non-federal contributions can be counted as matching or in-kind support for the project. Project participants who are employees of Sea Grant may be part of a project team or serve as the lead Principal Investigator.

Student-led projects are also accepted. While funding for all awards will be made to a designated faculty member (typically the major advisor), graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to lead the development and submission of proposals for discrete projects aligned with OSG’s strategic plan.


We use eSeaGrant, a Web-based tool for submitting, reviewing, updating and tracking grant program development proposals and projects. To register for the eSeaGrant system, the lead principal investigator must email a request to [email protected] a week prior to proposal submission. If you cannot submit using the eSeaGrant system, please contact the Oregon Sea Grant program for accommodation.

  • We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with Oregon Sea Grant’s current research projects and strategic investments, available on our website.
  • Contact the Oregon Sea Grant Director, to discuss your proposed project ideas before submitting a Program Development proposal.
  • Email [email protected] at least a week prior to proposal submission to register for eSeaGrant.
  • Submit your proposal through eSeaGrant by the quarterly review deadline.
  • Decisions will be communicated within four to eight weeks of review.
  • Projects recommended for funding are expected to complete the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Abbreviated Environmental Compliance Questionnaire and submit assurance of all required permits or permit applications prior to undergoing NEPA review.


Program development proposals will be considered on a quarterly basis. Reviews are planned for January, April, July and October. Requests should be submitted no later than December 31, March 31, June 30 or September 30. Individual requests for rapid response or event support outside of planned review periods may also be considered.

Full Details (PDF) | Summary of 2024 Updates (PDF) - updated June 2024