Quests are fun and educational clue-directed hunts that encourage exploration of natural areas. In this self-guided activity, Questers follow a map and find a series of clue to reach a hidden box. The box contains a stamp pad, a unique rubber stamp, and additional information about the Quest site. Participants sign the guest book to record their find, and make an imprint of the Quest Box stamp in the back of their clue book as proof of accomplishment. Questing is an ideal place-based activity for individuals, small groups, and families. Through Quests, important areas of natural, cultural, and/or historical significance are shared. Those who go on Quests gain pride and a sense of stewards hip for their community’s special places. This edition of The Oregon Coast Quests Book contains 24 Quests in English and 1 in Spanish.

Goodwin, Cait
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224 pp.
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