Many communities on the Oregon coast are experiencing significant demographic and economic transitions. Young adults are leaving coastal communities in search of jobs, while an increased number of retirees and second-home owners are moving in. The wood products industry has declined as the result of a decreased timber supply and fluctuation in the demand for wood products. Likewise, shortages in some fishery stocks have reduced commercial fishing. At the same time, expanding tourism, recreation, and retirement industries have helped diversify coastal economies. Coastal managers need to understand the implications of these changes and to identify opportunities for managing future growth.

The authors of Attitudes, Concerns, and Priorities of Oregon Coast Residents Regarding Tourism and Economic Development surveyed residents in eight Oregon coastal communities chosen to reflect both geographic and economic diversity. The basic goal of the survey was to provide information that will help communities develop policies for increasing the positive effects of the transitions occurring on the coast while reducing the negative effects. This report contains the initial results of the survey.

Kreg Lindberg, Rebecca Johnson, and Bruce Rettig
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