Oregon Fishermen in Ocean Observing Research
(OrFIOOR) is a cooperative research program between ocean scientists and fishermen in the Pacific Northwest. Dungeness crab fishermen attach sensor packages (temperature and dissolved oxygen) to crab pots. The pots serve as platforms of opportunity for ocean observing. This study examines three principle questions related to the OrFIOOR program: Are fishermen and scientists involved in ocean observing favorably disposed to the continued use of platforms of opportunity in ocean observing? Is the quality of data produced from instrumentation attached to platforms of opportunity similar to that produced from more traditional ocean observing platforms? Does the use of crab pots to deploy temperature and dissolved oxygen sensors off the Oregon Coast compare favorably to more traditional ocean observing platforms when assessed against important criteria for operational performance such as spatial and temporal coverage and cost? To answer these questions, interviews were conducted with fishermen engaged with the OrFIOOR program (n=9) and ocean observing scientists from the Pacific Northwest (n=11), a correlation analysis was conducted for OrFIOOR oxygen data and 2009 data from the Microbial Initiative in Low Oxygen Areas off Concepcion and Oregon (MILOCO), and a multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) framework was constructed to incorporate quantitative and qualitative elements of six ocean observing platforms into a measurement of user satisfaction. Results from this research indicate that the OrFIOOR program has the support of many fishermen and ocean-scientists, can provide data of comparable quality to existing ocean observing platforms, and compares favorably to more traditional methods for alongshore monitoring of temperature and dissolved oxygen variables.

Jeremy L. Childress
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Marine Resource Management, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.
Master of Science