Oregon Fishermen in Ocean Observing Research is a cooperative research program between ocean scientists and fishermen. Dungeness crab fishermen attach sensor packages (temperature and dissolved oxygen) to crab pots, which serve as platforms of opportunity for ocean observing. The goals of this study are to determine if: 1) fishermen and scientists involved in ocean observing are favorably disposed to the continued use of platforms of opportunity in ocean observing; 2) the quality of data produced from instrumentation attached to platforms of opportunity is similar to that produced from more traditional ocean observing platforms; and 3) the use of crab pots to deploy temperature and dissolved oxygen sensors off the Oregon coast compares favorably to more traditional ocean observing platforms when assessed against important criteria for operational performance such as spatial and temporal coverage and cost. Results to date indicate that the OrFIOOR program is successful in all three of these regards.

J. L. Childress, R. K. Shearman, and M. Harte
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Evaluation of Dungeness crab pots.
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Friday, January 1, 2010
Source: Oceans '10 MTS/IEEE, Seattle, Washington, September 20-23, 2010
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