Expand Your View was written for professionals who work in universities, government, nongovernmental organizations, and similar organizations and institutions and who communicate with the public about ideas (as opposed to marketers of products). Short essays offer insights on the following topics: (1) understanding and addressing psychological barriers: persuasion research; (2) building on an ethical foundation: "nonpersuasive communication"; (3) embracing the voluntary: the perspective of free-choice learning; (4) seeing the whole range of influence: the "people and places" framework; and (5) fomenting social change: community-based marketing and tipping points.

The other five publications in the "Public Science Communication Research and Practice" series are: Public Outreach and Behavior Change: An Annotated Reference Guide for Outreach Practitioners, Hold that Thought! (ORESU-H-08-005), Mental Models Interviewing for More-Effective Communication (ORESU-H-11-002), Structured Decision Making (ORESU-H-11-001), and An Analysis of a Survey of Oregon Coast Decision Makers Regarding Climate Change (ORESU-S-09-001).

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Joe Cone
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