Historically the Willamette River Valley, in western Oregon, was characterized by seasonal floods and large expansions of its stream networks. During the past century, human activities (e.g., agriculture, urbanization, transportation) have altered or eliminated many seasonal stream and floodplain habitats in the valley. As a result, the seasonal streams and ditches that remain today represent alternative habitats that are critical to native fish and wildlife. This film highlights the relevance of intermittent agricultural watercourses for fish, amphibians and other wildlife in the valley and provides examples of agricultural conservation practices that may benefit farmers while maintaining the valley's biodiversity.

Giannico, Guillermo
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Habitat legacies for native fish and wildlife.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012
10 minutes; bonus 3 minute teaching video
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Produced by Freshwaters Illustrated in collaboration with Oregon State University and Oregon Sea Grant. Executive Producer Guillermo Giannico.
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Video online; copies of the DVD may be ordered from Guillermo Giannico